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Acharya Chayan Subject wise Final Exam Result 2017-18. Publish Date: 13/01/2018.
 Publish Date: 13/01/2018.
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Kshetriya Samiti Member
Serial No.Dessgination GroupNameMobileEmail
1 Uttar KshetraShri Ashokpal
2 Uttar KshetraSri Hem Chandra
3 Uttar KshetraSri Surendra Atri
4 Uttar KshetraSri Gulab Singh Mehta Jee094185-39630 
5 Paschimi Uttar PradeshSri Rajkripal099977-97779 
6 Paschimi Uttar PradeshSri Khayali Ramjee098373-09481 
7 Paschimi Uttar PradeshSri Bal Krishn Tyagi094122-06699 
8 Paschimi Uttar PradeshSri Tejpal Sethi098913-92232 
9 Poorvi Uttar PradeshDr Laxmi Kant Singh094151-40090 
10 Poorvi Uttar PradeshSri Yogesh Kumar jee094509-00116 
11 Poorvi Uttar PradeshSri Domeshwar Sahu080049-28654 
12 Poorvi Uttar PradeshDr. Abyakt Ram Mishra094505-967225 
13 Uttar Poorva KshetraSri Nand Kumar Indu098017-66297 
14 Uttar Poorva KshetraSri Diwakar Ghos094311-07735 
15 Uttar Poorva KshetraSri Kamal Kishor Sinha94314-18676 
16 Poorvottar KshetraDr, Nirmal Kr. Chudhary  
17 Poorvottar KshetraSri Brahmaji
18 Poorvottar KshetraDr. Joy Kanta Sarma098640-58744 
19 Poorva KshetraShri Khitish Chandra Sarkar  
20 Poorva KshetraSri Govinda Ch.
21 Poorva KshetraShri Jagabandhu Mohanta094372-14628 
22 Dakshin Madhya KshetraShri G.Mudambaditaya094484-82611 
23 Dakshin Madhya KshetraSri L. Sudhakar
24 Dakshin Madhya KshetraShri G.R.Jagdeesh(Joint. Org.Sec)094480-63906 
25 Dakshin Madhya KshetraShri Paka Rajamouli094406-23002 
26 Dakshin KshetraProf. P.K. Madhavan
27 Dakshin KshetraPro. M.V.Kutty(Vice-President)
28 Dakshin KshetraSri K.
29 Dakshin KshetraShri N.C.T.
30 Paschim KshetraSri Diwakar Kulkarni09423-69304 
31 Paschim KshetraSri Sudhakar Rande093725-13239 
32 Paschim KshetraSri Ashok Davande094221-04735 
33 Rajashthan KshetraSri Manohar Lal Kalra098295-52271 
34 Rajashthan KshetraSri Shiv Pd.
35 Rajashthan KshetraSri Bharat Ram
36 Madhya KshetraSri Roshan Lal Saxena  
37 Madhya KshetraProf. Mulaym Singh Thakur098270-93707 
38 Madhya KshetraSri Bhal Chandr Rawle  
39 Madhya KshetraSri Suresh Gupta094244-12694 
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Admission open for session 16-17
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