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We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.

Swami Vivekananda


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this is test

Prantiya  Samiti Update
    View No.CircularNameDateCircularDiscrptionId
    View 1 SA-I Date Sheet18/07/2014Summative Assesment Test-1, Programm11
    View 2 Sharirik Patrak18/07/2014Sharirik Patrak No 1 session 2014-2015 (18 July 2014)12
    View 3 Team List Prapatra18/07/201427th Khelkud Prapatra13
    View 4 Medial and More18/07/2014Medial and Parent Permission Format14
    View 5 SGFI Eligibility Form18/07/201460th SGFI Eligibility Form15
    View 6 Khelkood Sudhar patra13/08/2014Patra19
    View 7 SGFI Eligibility Form - NEW13/08/201460th SGFI Eligibility Form20
    View 8 Patrak Fonts - Krutidev Fonts01/08/2014Please Download Fonts and Install your System then Download Patrak8
    View 9 Patrak no 2 Session 2014-15 Vibhagwise Pradhanacharya Baithak Vrit01/08/2014Vibhagwise Pradhanacharya Baithak10
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Kshetria Samiti Update
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    View No.KhMagazineTitleDateKHDescrptionId
    View 1 test12/03/2014Kadamkuan1
    View No.EventNameEventDateEventDiscrptionId
    View 1 test19/03/2014<p><strong>gygyiyhhiojio</strong></p>1
    View 2 sdf13/03/2014<p>xcvhji</p>3
    View 3   <p>dfrtgyhjk</p>2
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    View 1 Game and Sportsingle12/03/2014rtyu1
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    View No.ImageNameDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 test228/05/2014this is test8
    View 2 test28/05/2014this is test11
    View 3 test15/05/2014this is test9
    View 4 test this is test10
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    View 1 single12/03/2014<p>w3ertywert</p>1
 Central Samiti Update
    View No.CircularTitleCircularDateDescrptionId
    View 1 single20/03/20141231
    View No.MagazineTitleDateDescrptionId
    View 1 hariom20/03/20141232
    View 2 single12/03/2014hpundir212@gmail.com1
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    Record Not Found
    View No.SubjectTitleDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 Game and Sportsingle20/03/2014<p>this is test</p>1
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    View 1    1
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    Record Not Found
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    View 1 tes220/03/2014<p>is good</p>5
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