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You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

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Prantiya  Samiti Update
    View No.CircularNameDateCircularDiscrptionId
    View 1 SA-2 Examination Programm1/28/2015Summative assessment-II, Sesseion 2014-15114
    View 2 Purv Chhatra01/01/2015Purv Chhatra Baithak Dincharya & Prapatra80
    View 3 Sanskrit Archana Samanya Gyan Pariksha12/10/2014Sanskrit Archana Samanya Gyan Pariksha 2014-1567
    View 4 Computer Quiz Syllabus07/07/2014Computer Quiz Syllabus 2014-15 Lohardaga66
    View 5 Vanwashi Siksha Jharkhand12/23/2014Vanwashi Siksha Jharkhand65
    View 6 Samarpan Pakhawada10/12/2014Samarpan Pakhawada60
    View 7 Pradhanacharya Sammelan Vrit, Nagaruntari10/12/2014Pradhanacharya Sammelan Vrit, Nagaruntari59
    View 8 Patarak 04 session 2014-15 (01 December 2014)10/12/2014 58
    View 9 Principal Application Gadhwa12/10/2014Gadhwa57
    View 10 Pradhancharya Awedan Patra12/10/2014Patra56
    View 11 Pariksha Vibhag - Vrit12/10/2014Vrit55
    View 12 PreBoard Exam DATE Sheet03/12/2014Pre Board Examination Program 2014-15 for Class XII54
    View 13 Patrak 03 session 2014-1510/11/2014Patrak 0352
    View 14 Prashnpatra Mang Patra 2014-1523/09/2014SA -II Prashna Mang Patra47
    View 15 Patrak No 2 session 2014-2015 - (23 September 2014)23/09/2014Patrak 245
    View 16 Gopaniya Prativedan01/05/2014Gopaniya Prativedan23
    View 17 SGFI Eligibility Form - NEW13/08/201460th SGFI Eligibility Form20
    View 18 Khelkood Sudhar patra13/08/2014Patra19
    View 19 SGFI Eligibility Form18/07/201460th SGFI Eligibility Form15
    View 20 Medial and More18/07/2014Medial and Parent Permission Format14
    View 21 Team List Prapatra18/07/201427th Khelkud Prapatra13
    View 22 Sharirik Patrak18/07/2014Sharirik Patrak No 1 session 2014-2015 (18 July 2014)12
    View 23 SA-I Date Sheet18/07/2014Summative Assesment Test-1, Programm11
    View 24 Patrak Fonts - Krutidev Fonts01/08/2014Please Download Fonts and Install your System then Download Patrak8
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Kshetria Samiti Update
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    View No.ImageNameDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 test11/20/2014test12
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 Central Samiti Update
    View No.CircularTitleCircularDateDescrptionId
    View 1 National School Kabaddi U-171/7/201560th National School Kabaddi U-17 B&G Championship 2014-15 at Ananthapuramu, (A.P). 14
    View 2 Vidya Bharti project12/24/2014Vidya Bharti project9
    View 3 Vidya Bharti project12/24/2014Vidya Bharti project8
    View 4 Vidya Bharti project12/24/2014Vidya Bharti project7
    View 5 IT seminar in Jaipur12/19/2014IT seminar in jaipur on 22nd jan at 9 am3
    View No.MagazineTitleDateDescrptionId
    View 1 This is testing  This is testing 8
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    View No.EventNameEventDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 Vidwat Sangosthi Vidya Bharti Kurukhetra06/01/2015 3
    Record Not Found
    View No.SubjectTitleDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 Shareerik ShikshaThis is testing  <p>This is testing&nbsp;</p>5
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    View No.VideoNameDateDescrptionId
    View 1 Trainning10-02-2015Trainning8
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