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 Final Examination Result Acharya Chayan 2016-17 Declared and Pass out Candidate attend training session from 01st, March to 20th March at teacher’s training School, Kudhlum, Ranchi
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Prantiya  Samiti Update
    View No.CircularNameDateCircularDiscrptionId
    View 1 SA 2 Examination Programme 2015-161/30/2016SA 2 Examination Programme 2015-16114
    View 2 Patrak No 6 session 2015-2016 - Pariksha Vrit1/1/2016Patrak No 6 session 2015-2016 - Pariksha Vrit102
    View 3 Patrak No 6 session 2015-2016 -Pradhanacharya Prapatra, Lalmatia (20-23 February 2016)1/1/2016Patrak No 6 session 2015-2016 -Pradhanacharya Prapatra, Lalmatia (20-23 February 2016)101
    View 4 Patrak No 6 session 2015-2016 Pradhanacharya Sammelan Vrit, Lalmatia (20-26 Feb 2016)1/1/2016Patrak No 6 session 2015-2016 Pradhanacharya Sammelan Vrit, Lalmatia (20-26 Feb 2016)100
    View 5 Patrak No 6 session 2015-2016 - (01 January 2016)1/1/2016Patrak No 6 session 2015-2016 - (01 January 2016)99
    View 6 Vidya Bharti Pratibha Khoj & Chayan PT (2015-16) Result01/01/2016Vidya Bharti Pratibha Khoj and Chayan 2015-16 Prarambhik Pariksha Parinam96
    View 7 SA 1 Examination Programme 2015-168/20/2015SA 1 Examination Programme 2015-1694
    View 8 Eligibility Form and More7/3/2015Eligibility Form, Medical, Parent Permission, Participent List65
    View 9 Sharirik Patrak No-27/3/2015Sharirik Patrak No-2 (03 July 2015) 2015-1664
    View 10 Pathyakram - Sanskrit, Science, English, Drawing7/14/2015Pathyakram - Sanskrit, Science, English, Drawing50
    View 11 Pradhanacharya Baithak Vrit Format7/14/2015Vibhagwise - Pradhanacharya Baithak Vrit Format49
    View 12 Sanksrit Prashnmanch Pathyakram7/14/2015Sanksrit Prashnmanch Pathyakram42
    View 13 Pathyakram - Sanskrit, Science, English, Drawing Pathyakram - Sanskrit, Science, English, Drawing41
    View 14 Patrak 3 Session 2015-16 (14-07-2015)7/14/2015Patrak 3 Session 2015-1639
    View 15 Prashnapatra Mang Prapatra6/29/2015Prashnapatra Mang Prapatra36
    View 16 Syllabus - Prantiya Sansakrit Prashnamanch, Session 2015-165/4/2015Prantiya Sansakrit Prashnamanch Pathyakram, Session - 2015-1629
    View 17 Bhukamp Apda Sahayata Patra5/25/2015Nepal & Bihar Bhukamap Pirit Sahayata Patra (Bank Details)28
    View 18 Agrah Patra4/27/2015Sahayta ke liye Sahyog Patra8
    View 19 Syllabus 2015-164/27/2015Syllabus 2015-16 (Class I - Sanskrit, V - Science)7
    View 20 Patrak No 1 session 2015-20164/13/2015Patrak6
    View 21 Gopniya Prativedan4/1/2015Gopniya Prativedan5
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Kshetria Samiti Update
    Record Not Found
    View No.KhMagazineTitleDateKHDescrptionId
    View 1 Anono4/24/2015asasas3
    View 2 test12/03/2014Kadamkuan2
    View No.EventNameEventDateEventDiscrptionId
    View 1 Shishu Vatika Meeting18-19 October,14 <p>New Delhi</p>2
    View No.SubjectTitleDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 Vaidik GanitMeeting25-10 2
    View 2 Game and Sportsingle12/03/2014rtyu1
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    View No.ImageNameDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 Shyam Lal18-01-2015Meeting 18-01-20159
    Record Not Found
    View No.NewsTitleDateNewsDescrptionId
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    View 2 single12/03/2014<p>w3ertywert</p>2
    View 3 This is testing  <p>This is testing&nbsp;</p>3
 Central Samiti Update
    View No.CircularTitleCircularDateDescrptionId
    View 1 /Center/Circular/Letter_Anantpurama_14-15.pdf  6
    View 2 National School Kabaddi U-171/7/201560th National School Kabaddi U-17 B&G Championship 2014-15 at Ananthapuramu, (A.P).5
    View 3 Vidya Bharti project12/24/2014Vidya Bharti project4
    View 4 Vidya Bharti project12/24/2014Vidya Bharti project3
    View 5 Vidya Bharti project12/24/2014Vidya Bharti project2
    View 6 IT seminar in Jaipur12/19/2014IT seminar in jaipur on 22nd jan at 9 am1
    View No.MagazineTitleDateDescrptionId
    View 1 MagazineTitleDateDescrption1
    View 2 asdasdasd3/16/2015asdasd3
    View 3 This is testing  This is testing 2
    Record Not Found
    View No.EventNameEventDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 Vidwat Sangosthi Vidya Bharti Kurukhetra06/01/2015 3
    Record Not Found
    View No.SubjectTitleDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 Shareerik ShikshaThis is testing  <p>This is testing&nbsp;</p>2
    Record Not Found
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    View No.VideoNameDateDescrptionId
    View 1 Trainning10-02-2015Trainning8
    Record Not Found
    Record Not Found
    Record Not Found
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